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Turquoise bead necklace with coral

Turquoise bead necklace with coral


Natural turquoise barrel shaped beads are hand-knotted with red silk. Coral beads are scattered along the strand.

This 28" necklace is set with a few pieces of natural red coral and finished with a hand-made sterling silver hook clasp.



    Items ship within 2 days of purchase unless otherwise stated.

    Shipping is by US post.

    If you are not happy with your purchase please let me know right away!
    You will have 15 days to return your item that is in perfect condition for a full refund.
    Shipping costs are not refunded
    After 15 days, only exchanges will be accepted.



    This item is handmade with care in my studio. Please handle with care

    Protect jewelry from abrasive surfaces and harsh chemicals and excessive moisture.

    Silk will stretch over time and depending on wear, may require restringing over time.


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