My love of accessories was instilled by my grandma and mom. My grandma was something of a clotheshorse (to use an old term). She had 4 boxes of costume jewelry and all of her bags matched her shoes. My mom worked for non profits her whole professional life but that didn't mean she didn't follow fashion. She was thrifty and knew quality when she saw it. She was a woman who knew to invest a little more in a good black skirt than to buy 4 cheap seasonal things. Though they are both now gone, I keep them close in my heart while designing things I love.

After studying and making jewelry for years I turned my design ideas to bags.

In  2006 I began making tote bags for myself. I was in search of something simple, basic and durable.  Within the year I was getting requests to make them for friends and even started selling a few in a boutique.

A hand made tote or purse is a very personal accessory. I design, cut and sew each bag from start to finish. My designs are intentionally simple and classic enough to work season after season. I work with leather because I love the way it shows wear and patina over time, and enhances the look.

Each bag will wear differently depending on the user. I have come upon bags my friends have had for years and am surprised at how beautifully they have worn. (No, really, surprised!: "Hey! I made that!" kind of reaction)

If you see something that you would like in another material please get in touch.

Thank you so much for taking a look at the things I make.

Photo credit: instagram.com/mindchildish


Amy Kreiling in the studio, photo by Brittany Stigler