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Moonstone tear drop with 14k gold

Moonstone tear drop with 14k gold


These gem stones have a slightly milky or velvety transparency. The inclusions are specific to each stone. 
The 14k solid gold findings are entirely made by hand.

Just over 1" (18,mm) in length less than 1/2" (10mm) wide.
Very lightweight and easy to wear everyday.
All earrings come with earring backs.

The "light" inside this gemstone  comes from the reflection and interference of light on layers inside the stone. Adularescence, is blue or white reflection observed inside a gemstone. Like iridescence, this light can be seen moving, depending on the incident light change. It is caused by the overlapping thin layers of calcium and sodium.


    If you are not happy with your purchase please let me know right away!
    You will have 15 days to return your item that is in perfect condition for a full refund.
    I do not refund the cost of shipping.
    After 15 days, only exchanges will be accepted.

    Shipments that are lost by UPS will be reimbursed or replaced.

  • Product Info

    Hand made in Brooklyn, NY. All findings are 14k gold and may wear over time and need replacing. Remember to always wear earring backs.

    Protect jewelry from abrasive surfaces and harsh chemicals and please be mindful of wearing make-up near jewelry.

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