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Faceted Sunstone slabs

Faceted Sunstone slabs


These one-of-a-kind earrings feasture Sunstone faceted slab stones set in 14k yellow gold.  These stones have almost a brushstroke effect of red within the stones.


Sunstone is a feldspar crystal. It includes Hematite and Goethite which help it to refract light and creates iridescence when viewed from different angles. The Sunstone was uncovered first in  Norway, it was said that the Vikings used this shimmering bright stone as a compass to find their way across the cold cobalt blue waters and onto greener pastures.  Sunstone has crept to every corner of myth and legend with even the Ancient Greeks believing that this precious piece of warmth came from the sun god.

  • Dimensions

    each stone is 5 ct.

    measures 17.5 x 14.8mm with an overall 28mm drop.

  • Care

    The bezel setting is not water or air tight. Natural tarnish and patina will occur to the metal even behind the stone.

    Protect jewelry from abrasive surfaces and harsh chemicals.

    A polishing cloth can be used to clean an brighten the surface.

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