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Upside down hessonite garnets

Upside down hessonite garnets


Faceted deep orange hued hessonite garnets set in 14k yellow gold. 

Also known as the “cinnamon stone,” hessonite is the yellow-orange to reddish orange variety of grossular garnet. 

color and are popular choices for jewelry of all types. All species of garnets have similar physical mineral properties and crystal forms.  Garnet is known as the birthstone for January.



  • Dimensions

    Stones are: 2.3 cts.

    and measure: 7 x 9 mm

  • Care

    The bezel setting is not water or air tight. Natural tarnish and patina will occur to the metal even behind the stone.

    Protect jewelry from abrasive surfaces and harsh chemicals.

    A polishing cloth can be used to clean an brighten the surface.

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